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We’ve worked closely with engineers to develop an innovative product. We've combined the softness of slippers and the support of sneakers with the structure and fashion of a designer shoe. Birdies have a number of attributes that make them unique including:


Marisa Sharkey, CEO & Co-Founder

Long before hatching Birdies with her co-founder Bianca, and when most kids were spending their weekends on the little league field, a young Marisa was out with her father, a merchandising veteran, racing through the shops and streets of New York, learning to spot the latest fashion trends. Her love of the fashion business was born and Marisa went on to build a career advising leading executive teams in the retail industry.

Marisa served as the Group Vice President of Strategy at Ross Stores in New York City and was a Senior Manager at Bain & Company. In those roles, she focused on growth strategy, performance improvement, and organizational design.

Marisa received an MBA with Honors from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received a BS from Cornell University. Outside of working on Birdies, you can find Marisa chasing her two daughters around their backyard, gushing over amazing interiors on Pinterest, and hosting low key taco nights at her home in Northern California, surrounded by friends, family, and comfortable, stylish slippers.

Bianca Gates, Co-Founder

Bianca has always loved entertaining at home, despite being a terrible cook. She believes there is something special about inviting friends and family into the comfort of her home. Even living in NYC just out of college, where going out was the norm, Bianca preferred hosting people in her tiny apartment. But there was always one problem: she could not find the right slippers to finish off her stylish outfit (try Googling images of “fashionable slippers”, “women’s slippers”, “high end slippers”, “slippers that won’t make you look like you’ve given up on life”).

Today, living in San Francisco with her husband and two kids, entertaining at her home has become even more of a passion. After a 15-year quest for fashionable, comfortable slippers, Bianca decided it was time to solve this problem.

In addition to working on Birdies and entertaining her friends and family at home, Bianca has spent the past four years leading retail partnerships at Facebook & Instagram. Prior to that, she was a Sales Executive at Viacom and Univision and is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine. Bianca remains a terrible cook but has finally solved the hunt for the perfect slipper.