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Hello!  We are so glad you’re here, champagne? 

Today we are celebrating the launch of Birdie’s blog – a blog dedicated to tips on making everyday moments, better.
So what (or who) is Birdies?  That's one of the top questions we’ve been asked since launching Birdies in the Fall of 2015. Birdie is a busy, strong, and effortlessly chic woman. She's ambitious, wears multiple hats (or shall we say shoes!), takes care of all of those around her, doesn’t take herself too seriously, loves to entertain friends and family at home and is the life of the party. She is our customer--and we named her Birdie, which we feel perfectly represents her persona. Since we believe that every woman is a Birdies girl at heart, we pluralized it!

So this blog is dedicated to all Birdies out there – who love to love, love to bring friends and family together and love to be stylish and comfortable while doing it all.  We hope to inspire you with tips on making everyday moments, better.  We invite you to come back regularly or sign-up for our newsletter so we may send these tips directly to you.

From two Birdies to all of you, thank you for being amazing and thank you for believing in Birdies.
Bianca & Marisa, Birdies co-Founders



                                          Design: Deborah Shearer | Photography: Stefanie Schoen for Table + Dine

April 05, 2017