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From weekend getaways, weddings, honeymoons, trips to see the grandparents, first time adventures oversees and summer vacations, the travel season has officially begun! 

Since we are inspired by the travel season,  we sat down with Bianca Gates, co-Founder of Birdies to ask her about her favorite vacation destination, Punta Mita.  Here's what she had to say:  

Why Punta Mita?
Punta Mita is one of my favorite places to go to unwind, relax and keep my kids speaking Spanish! It's a quiet fishing village and resort area on Mexico’s Pacific coast that sits on a small peninsula on Banderas Bay. The area is known for its' white sand, humpback whales and is minutes away from the laid-back surf village of Sayulita. It's truly a bit of paradise.

When was the last time you were there?
We were recently there for my kids' Spring Break and were joined by over a dozen other families from our kids' schools which made the trip so much fun.  My parents and aunt from Bolivia also joined us, so it was a wonderful trip full of both family and friends.  We took advantage of so many of us being together at the same place and organized a dinner for 50 of us one night!



Top things to do while in Punta Mita?

  1. Ziplining in Sayulita and exploring the beautiful surf town
  2. Surfing! I don't surf but my husband went every morning with an instructor to help him get better at it and loved it. 
  3. Eating!  A couple of my favorite restaurants there are Si Senor and Sufi
  4. Lounging in the lazy river at the Four Seasons
  5. Relaxing poolside at the St Regis



Your favorite moments?
Honestly, being together with so many of my favorite people was the best part for me.  A few highlights include playful days at the beach and pool, zip lining with my husband, mom, aunt, kids and school friends for the very first time ever and a date night with my husband, Jackson.  Our trip was adventurous and relaxing at the same time with so many lifetime memories made.


Top summer travel essentials typically include a sun hat, great bag, sunnies, some good reads and for us, our Birdies. Shown here: The Warbler, who's typically known as the Life of the Party and especially on group vacations.

I'm glad I had my Birdies because?
When I travel I like to be comfortable and stylish so I typically throw on a pair of jeans or leggings, t-shirt and a pair of Birdies. With two kids, and trying to keep everyone organized, comfort and style are at the top of my list. The plane ride there was SO cold and my Birdies kept me warm and cozy as well as stylish the entire trip. Birdies also made it easy to kick off and put back on during security.



When I travel, I can't leave without ________?
My iPhone! Even on vacation I feel the need to be connected to the real world. Plus, I'm obsessed with photography and I'm always inspired to take lots of photos when I'm relaxed and in a beautiful setting.  I just got the iPhone 7 and the new portrait mode takes great photos.  The iPhone also makes it super easy to upload photos to facebook and instagram to share our special moments with all of our friends and family in real time - like this one taken of my daughter and her friends by my friend Ruba at dinner one of our nights together in Punta Mita.

Stay tuned. Marisa and her family are traveling to Portugal this summer as #birdiestravel!

Where are you traveling this summer?


Bianca & Marisa, Birdies co-Founders


May 19, 2017