Hello Birdies! Spring is officially here and Passover is just around the corner. We can almost smell the chicken soup and brisket already.

Jewish holidays are all about tradition, family and friends around a pretty table, breaking matzoh (or bread other days of the year!) and together, celebrating life’s meaningful moments – everything a Birdie loves, believes in and is dear to her heart.

We’ve always loved celebrating Passover and this year will be no different. The table will be set in our blue and white best with traditional silver candlesticks and Haggadah’s on the table for everyone to take part in the Seder. While our table settings may change from year to year and maybe even the guests at the table, one thing that never changes is the traditional Passover menu. Cooking for a Seder includes traditional food, as well as family recipes passed down for generations. From Grandma Janie's Matzoh ball soup, Aunt Carla's brisket to Mom's famous chocolate and pistachio matzoh crunch, these are recipes our children will make when it's their turn to host our family Seders.


One of our favorite things on the Seder Plate is, (you guessed it!), Charoset. Our family's recipe is pretty simple, a medley of chopped apples, nuts, spices, a little honey, and sweet kosher wine. It's one of those recipes we don't measure; it's all done by taste. We like Charoset on the chunkier side and it's honestly so good, kids love it on matzoh as a snack even when it's not Passover. Tip: Charoset can be made ahead. Marinate it overnight for the very best flavors.

Whether you're a Newlywed celebrating your first Passover for two, or you're hosting a Seder for the whole family of 24, make it special because - it is different than another other night. Set a pretty table, create new traditions or continue those you love and remember to invite anyone who needs a seat at a Seder. As you can see, there's always a place at our table...that's the Birdie style.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, we'll be running around to the market, to pick up flowers, chopping, slicing, cooking, setting the table and pulling this all together in our Bluebird Birdies, of course. 

For those who celebrate...from our table to yours, Happy Pesach!

Bianca and Marisa



                                                                    DESIGN + PHOTOGRAPHY: DEBORAH SHEARER