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We're back from Spring Break where we both took a week to spend more quality time with family and friends.  Our vacations are now planned around our children's time-off from school which makes for a good excuse to slow down and simply play more.  While we are sad that our vacations are over - we are excited that Mother's Day is around the corner and we have another great reason to celebrate!



At Birdies, we are guided by our values which are to celebrate, embrace and support women helping women and women giving back. So for us, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on how special our moms are to us and a day dedicated to celebrating and spoiling them.  Below are a few ways in which we love celebrating our moms (and getting spoiled ourselves as moms!).



On the Table:
Both of our husbands are great cooks but don't always pay special attention to the little details like a beautifully set table.  For some reason, the food seems to taste better when a great ambiance is set. So we typically set the table the night before and let our husbands (and kids) do the cooking the next day.  For us, Mother’s Day is a bit more casual because we still have little kids so we try to set our table with a style that is both chic and kid friendly. To start, we use a paper runner for when the kids spill something (which is inevitable!) and then layer it with place-mats, flatware, a pretty cocktail glass and flowers…lots of flowers! Add a glass of champagne with an edible flower and the table is ready for our husbands and kids to prepare the brunch while we take the day off and enjoy!



Our Mother’s Day Traditions:
1. Sleeping in!
2. Coffee ready when we wake up.
3. Call Mom first thing in the morning to wish her Happy Mother’s Day.
4. Morning snuggles and gifts in bed with our littles.
5. Our favorite flowers. (Hydrangeas, peonies + ranunculus all the way!)



Let’s face it, moms deserve credit 365 days a year, but Mother’s Day is the perfect day to spoil them and say thank you for everything they do for us. 

Our favorite gifts to give and receive:
1. For the classic mom, we love our Bluebird Birdies, the Warblers for the adventurous mom and The Lark for the simple, yet, chic mom.
2. A day at the Spa or Gym (with your daughter or mom).
3. Framed picture of the entire family.
4. Tickets to a show.
5. Any experience to share.

Did we mention we’re offering 15% off ALL Birdies in honor of Mother’s Day? Use code: CELEBRATEMOM from April 28th, 2017 through May 14th, 2017 and enjoy!

Meet our families!
Hi, I'm Marisa, pictured with my husband Ben and our two amazing daughters who are very close sisters but different in every way! 6 year old Zoe is quiet, caring, focused and a budding seamstress. 4 year old Amelia is the life of the party, always ready to cuddle, and never wants to go to sleep! Our family wishes you a very happy Mother's Day! 

Hi!  I'm Bianca next to my husband Jackson and we are the proud parents to Sofia and Joaquin.  I still call my kids “babies” even though they are now 7 and 4.  My daughter Sofia is 7 ½ and already talking about ideas for a company that she wants to start with a friend when she is a little older!  She is an amazing gymnast and loves school.  My son Joaquin is 4 ½, and already an incredible athlete (bats leftie even though he’s right handed!), loves to organize and also loves school!  I feel very blessed to be the mom to these babies.  :)

From all of us to all of you, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Birdies!

Bianca & Marisa, Birdies co-Founders



                                                                      Design + Photography by Deborah Shearer



April 27, 2017