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father's day tableWe're getting ready to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day, June 18th, and it’s time to start planning!

If you’re a busy, working mom (like us!) who’s looking to make this years’ Father’s Day table a little special for our husbands, dads and grandads, we found the answer--include the kids in planning the family BBQ! Here are five super easy ideas to involve the kids and add to this years' festivities. All it will take is a trip to your local craft store (or even easier--an online order) that even the busiest moms can conquer. Plus, you'll feel and look like a crafting queen.

 Father's Day Ideas


Slip a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer or Pops’ favorite drink into a clear cellophane bag. Tie and decorate with grosgrain ribbon and finish with curling ribbon for a festive addition to the table. If you are wrapping a ‘cold one’, refrigerate packages until you’re ready to serve.


Everything becomes a little more special with your name written all over it. Print name cards on card stock paper, cut into squares and mount a toothpick on the back with tape. Short on time? Hand-write name cards or encourage the kids to use their best penmanship!


Father's Day Cookie Ideas

Father's Day Cupcake Ideas


Whether you bake or buy them, cookies and cupcakes are easy to personalize and fun to decorate.
Cookies: Dad is number one! Let him know by turning cookies into award winning prizes with a tube of icing and some ribbon to match the colors of your table. To make the ribbons, cross the ribbon one tail over the other, lay flat on the table and set a cookie at the cross. So easy!
Cupcakes: Make them personal with name cards for Daddy, Dad, Papa and all the dads in your family.



Fill a trophy cup with gumballs or Dad’s favorite candy. If he’s a golfer, use white gumballs, orange for basketball fans or choose a color or colors that represents his favorite sport team.

 Father's Day Kid's Card Ideas


Sure, you can buy cards for Dad, but set out colored paper stock and crayons for the kids to write their own for cards for Daddy and the Grandpa’s. They’re meaningful and really cute framed in a ‘scrapbook box’ on a wall in Dads’ office.

 Father's Day Table Ideas

So there you have it. The table is set, you created memories with your kids and a Father's Day they'll remember. All you need to do now is add their favorite BBQ menu, great cocktails and get the party started.

While we’re celebrating our wonderful husbands on Father’s Day, we also want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on our own Dads, who encouraged, empowered, shaped and guided us into the women we are today. We are so grateful and proud to call them our Dad.

And as we take the day to celebrate the dads in our lives, we want to make sure we look and feel our best as well.  :)  For this occasion, we'll be wearing our Bluebird Birdies.  With their latex foam, arch support and lux suede upper, they are sure to keep you stylish, comfy and bouncing around as you make everyone around you feel loved and cherished.  

Happy Father’s Day to ALL the great dads out there!

Bianca & Marisa, Birdies co-Founders


                                                                      Design & Photography: Deborah Shearer




June 04, 2017